To all who have read this blog

thank you for taking a journey in my mind.
I will not be posting anymore for the next 2 years.

word of advice.
Go for it.
Do it.
If you have a desire to do something don’t let yourself
talk yourself out of it until you have tried it a few times.
don’t tell yourself there is not enough time.
Because there is always enough time for things
and people
that we care about.


Jealousy of a 3 year old

Big brown eyes
of you
and you
and you

Bright wide smile
for no apparent reason
the the fact that he is happy

Screaming at the top of his lungs
or talking to whomever he pleases
oh what it was like
to be a child.

I feel old

They tell me your getting old
Your an adult you know
but I feel no different then you
I am still a child
I still dream
I still play in the grass
I still laugh
those are not grown up things.
my age may change but so does
everything else
we grow together
the only grown up ones
are the ones that believe they
can grow no more.

To my little sister

I’m sorry I never answered your letters
and teased you too much
I’m sorry I never understood your troubles
or showed you my love

You smell like sunday afternoon sun
you feel like fingers in my hair
and back rubs in church
You look like picture books
spread out over our couch
You sound like laughter to my
sarcastic jokes

you are not just my sister
but something much more

yum yub

We went in the mountains
we walked
we some some wild chickens
threw rocks at them
and mountain lake
we dove headfirst
and caught a salamander
we hiked on
to the tallest peak
and took some instagrams
to make people jealous
and boost our self esteems
we kept on walking
till our feet fell off
and we died in the brown
weathered seats.


*The disappointment of an unfinished project

I tinkered long and hard
I tried to build you up
nothing but scraps of metal
I tried to put you together
but as the tie grew short
I saw I could not finish
and had to resort
to giving up.

I watched you sit
as I lingered on
to this and that
and more important things
the dust gathered, here and there
from the absence of my hand.

As I traveled on my way
I looked back,
and all I saw was dust.