Because I couldn’t have said it better myself

My little sister is an amazing  writer, more then I could ever hope to be. This hit me right in the spot. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe my loving Mom, thanks Marie.

marie the poet

I don’t think I’ve ever given my mother a real, actual non-coupon book Mothers Day present. This year was no exception- I still can’t remember if I payed my dad the five bucks to go in on a picture for my mom. It’s ridiculous, I know. My mother is the person who does nearly everything for me every. single. day. And yet though I might say thank you for the orange juice for breakfast, I don’t think I’ve ever shown true gratitude for what she does.

My mother is one of the most selfless people I know. For about 25 years now, she has lived a life of sleep-deprivation. She has birthed six children; been up in the night with them from their first breath. I have never heard her scream, “I need some ME time!” She has always been there for everyone. She is the glue of our home…

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