bannanas and nutella

I am an animal. I am a pirate. I am rummaging for treasure in the treasure box. Starved am I as my stomach reaffirms my condition with an unsettling growl. Too little have I ingested in the midst of my plunderings. A hint of gold catches my eye. A banana. I plunge my filthy fingers around its skin as I separate it from its identical twins. I decapitate the poor thing. Then pulling from the cupboard my shaking hands have unearthed the real treasure. Silky brown goodness bottled up together in a plastic jar. I imagine millions of hazelnuts being condensed into that lovely jar. But mostly chocolate. Because it mostly tastes like chocolate. And I frankly don’t care for hazelnuts. Even though two hazelnut trees sit outside of my house. I assume they add a few hazelnuts so that they can call it hazelnut spread which sounds much more healthy thus propelling more people to purchase the delicacy. But anyway my fingers pry the top off the hazelnutted heroin. I plunge my prey into the sea of brown. I then bite off the head of the poor thing as it fills the pleading monster inside me.


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