your mind is a playground, use it.

I while ago I read an article on the internet. It was about this study carried out at i think Michigan State University? I would look it up again but I’m too lazy.  Anyway a group of scientists carried out this study on college students. They gave them a choice of either a)receiving an electric shock, or b) sitting by themselves to think in a room for 15 minutes.Now I don’t remember all the little details of this study, but it was quite startling to me at the time. Something like 60% of college students viewed being alone with their thoughts as a negative experience.

Now I’m not sure on the validity of this study, like how much the “electric shock” actually hurt, how many people were studied, gender, age, demographic, etc. For all I know the study is complete bull crap. But it did open my mind up a bit, and it made me think, it made me curious. Can people really not spend 15 minutes alone and just think?

So I want to encourage you if you are reading this to take a moment to think. Think about your future, things you want to do, think about whatever you want. Use your imagination. Remember being a little kid when you could be entertained by the smallest of things? Be creative. Come up with ideas.

We are living in an era full of technology, full of distractions. We have an endless supply of entertainment at our fingertips. And I think sometimes we forget to think, to really think, to let our minds wander, to be alone with our thoughts. There seems to always be something present to occupy us. So take a moment.


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