11:46pm monday night thoughts

I am feeling quite melancholy. (pronounced mel-ONKOlly, like megamind says it). Partly because of the drab late march miserable weather partly because of this growling voice inside my belly partly because I miss talking to people who I could really talk to partly because I don’t know.  I think of the true friends I have. Many of them are gone. A few are still around. True friendship is one of those things that we don’t realize is there until it has slipped from our grasp. I miss being around people where I was completely myself. I miss just sitting around participating in real conversation; where the company of those around you was better then any tv show or movie. Completely fulfilling conversation. Talking, sharing ideas, telling stories, saying how you truly feel. The people where simply being around them is enough to brighten your day. The people where you don’t have to hold back for fear of being weird. Let us not forget to live in these true friendships, for often they last for far too short of a duration. Let us not be afraid to develop real friendships, to care about others, to care about their true personalities, to find out who they really are.


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