Erickson and Mcqueen

Erickson and Mcqueen
Mcqueen and Erickson
they are the same
they have one goal in life
to drive me insane.

the lights flick off
the power-point appears
the boredom sets in
as the monotonous voice fills my ears.

my hand twitches
she has done it
my mouse freezes
she rips my last form of freedom
like a struggling babe from my arms

my one remaining morsel of entertainment is gone
I can no longer draw the little boxes
with my mouse
around the windows square thingy

the voice drones on
as my eyes start to droop
I hear “marginal utility” and “opportunity cost”
my eyes finally close
the battle is lost.

*editors Note: I wrote this in Mrs. Erickson’s class and it felt good because it felt like I was rebelling against her cruel regimen lol


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