A beautiful machine

A bicycle is an intriguing machine. It uses no form of external power, yet it propels its owner to speeds uncapable on foot. The bicycle’s passenger is its engine. It is a relatively simple machine, yet provides an efficiency unclaimed by vehicles that consume, combust, and exhaust. The bicycle provides virtually no harm to the environment. What a beutiful tool the bicycle is. As it multiplies the distance a person can travel based on a set effort, it also improves the fitness of that person.



a young boy
walks to the cupboard
reaches his hand
where the swiss miss is kept
the packet of joy
clenched in his hand
cold milk
a mug
a microwave
the box of wonder
like a magical cave
the mug spins around
ding goes the sound
the packet is ripped
the powder disappears
the milk is sipped
to check the temperature
some spices from above the stove
a handful of marshmallows
he feels like a chef
the spoon is swirled
till satisfaction is reached
then brought to his lips
a made up word
so heavendelish